Hello! 👋 I'm Tom!

I'm 21 years old graphic designer and entrepreneuer and I'm passionate about everything what is visual.

I have multiple projects and one of them is eshop Petoya.

I mostly focus on branding. What I mean by branding? Well, I'm building brands for businesses, that needs to connect with their customers and become number #1 in their niche.

I'm from Slovakia, small country in the middle of Europe. However, I believe this is not a big problem for us to work together 😊

When I'm not working on your designs, I work on my music production and Ecommerce store.

My priority is to provide to my clients tons of value with my designs. I believe that what you give, is what you get.

I'm looking forward to get an e-mail from you! See you there!

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Let's create remarkable brand together!🙌

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