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Drevko Ecommerce Store Branding

Branding Identity made by Tomas Caklos.

Drevko is ecommerce store with wooden products. It's all about providing customers amazing customer service and amazing products crafted from high-quality wood. They are selling products in a whole bunch of categories such as furniture, kitchen, toys for kids.. Drevko is becoming one of the leading businesses in wood niche in Slovakia. 


To create a brand for Drevko, getting them more exposure and get potentially more sales because of trusthworthiness.


I created bold, white and brown colored identity system with a logo that was inspired by tree and tree branch. It showcases that Drevko is all about wood and it also shows calmness, peace and authority of the brand.




How I did it?

Logo was created using with help of simmetrical grid that helps prevent unsymmetrical shapes in the design. This way logo stays consistent.

The goal was to create a logo, which part of would be a simple graphic element that we will be able to use troughout other design systems.

You can see this element in the symbol of the logo and repeating itself in letters "d" and "k". This symbol represents a tree branch (products made of wood)

Challenge I faced

For me personally, biggest challenge was to create something, that would people remember when they order on the landing page. Something, that can be used on packaging as well as on the website and social media.

That's why I decided to create a logo, which consists of a symbol and text, with graphic element included.
Drevko logo GIF


Drevko Web design


Raleway is the typeface chosen for this visual identity. The letterform retains sharp edges and corners, but at the same time, full in its body. With tapered details, it is the best companion to the bold Drevko logotype.
Typography heights


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