Texto - Digital Agency Branding

Branding Identity made by Tomas Caklos.

Texto is a digital agency, which is focusing mostly on content marketing. They are known for very popular ad campaigns for some of the biggest organizations in Slovakia. They have currently around 20 employees and they are growing each day. Other thatn that, they also offer social media marketing and SEO.


To create a brand with amazing logo, which would speak to potential clients.


I developed a complete brand identity system that included a new logo, an energetic and approachable colour palette, a bold and flexible brand font, custom and memorable graphic elements, assets for the website and social channels, brand guidelines, and other branded assets, such as swag, business cards, and more.



Stationery design


Texto’s new brand font is Helvetica. Helvetica is bold, modern, flexible and easy to read. The versatility of the font is uniquely suited for a wide range of visual communications. It was designed to maximize its impact across all sizes and applications while keeping it modern, timeless, and universal

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